Litter "E"  

Shepherd Calls Excellent

expected end of 2017

Shepherd Calls Away April  x  Nessiebluebell Blair Fawn

November 2017

We expect Puppies!!!

End of November April visited her new boyfriend Nessiebluebell Blair Fawn "Finn"  and it was love at first sight!
No we have to wait until end of December to figure out, if April is pregnant! But Finn really gave his best!

We keep you informed!!

Nessiebluebell Blair Fawn "FINN"

Finn is a great dog, who has a lot of self confidence and is absollutely fearless. His color is fawn, but he has such a good pigment, that he looks more like a brown Beardie!.

Finn has alread three healthy litters, his hip result "A" (= HD free), eyes tested: CEA n/n (= free).

He has also a very good instinct when it comes to work with sheep.  

--> pedigree Finn

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